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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 13, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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this friday, january the 13th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in. we're back monday. fox report is back tomorrow night as always. this is fox news channel, america's choice for news and information on cable. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the man of the night romney. >> historic first republic nonincumbent to win iowa and new hampshire while still having no one like him. >> bill: comedians gone wild as the late night guys go after the republic candidates does that mean anything as far as the voters are concerned? we will have a special report. >> bill: you say you knocked jesse ventura to the floor with a punch. >> i knocked him down. >> bill: knocked him down. >> i want to tell you
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unegivably did not happen. >> he said he smacked him after he insulted the seals. he denies it happened. >> i am not going to tell you i'm not a good person. i'm not going to tell you that i'm an an gel or done good things. >> bill: say good by to the villain joran van der sloot. he gets 28 years in prison for murder. geraldo with the latest. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the presidential election a big joke? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. let me set this up for you. i believe about 50% of americans actually know what's going on in the country. people like you who watch news programs, read newspapers, listen to news talk radio. you guys understand the tempo of the country. but unfortunately half of we
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the people never bother informing themselves. they form opinions based upon what they hear, what their friends say and what they see in the popular culture. so without a doubt this year's presidential race will be influenced by pop culture the question is how much? recent study by george mason university in virginia says last year the republicans were the targets of jokes from late night comedians three times as often oas democrats. the comedians studied were leno, jimmy fallon and letterman. >> mitt romney takes new hampshire. then out of habit fires everyone in new hampshire. >> was an historic win for romney as he became the first republic nonincumbent to win iowa and new hampshire while still have no one like him. [ laughter ] >> now the candidates will head to south carolina. little known fact by the way there used to only been one carolina until mitt romney's company bought it appeared split it up into two. >> last night mitt romney won
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the new hampshire primary with 39% of the vote. [cheers] >> he said the voters of new hampshire have spoken loud and clear and said oh well this is all we have got. >> you don't think mitt romney is going crazy but he went crazy last night. people insiders tell me when they announced the thing and the polls closed and he was the big winner, he busted open a can of caffeine free diet coke. >> mitt romney won the new hampshire primary last night and it's really inspirational, wasn't it? see, this is proof that even the multimillionaire son of a multimillionaire can beat the odds and run for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> bill: there is no question the last time around the media gave barack obama a big advantage over john mccain. but truthfully there are very few media personalities that have any influence anymore. since oprah left syndicated tv her clout has dropped. late night ratings are down. "saturday night live" watched by about 7 million people. generally there is no national
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forum in the media anymore. the rise of the net, people are scattered everywhere but that doesn't change, doesn't change the likelihood that republic presidential contender, whoever it may be, will be vilified in the media while president obama should get a rather soft ride. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, with us here in the studio "new york post" critic linda stacy. los angeles pundit ben stein. what say you, ben? >> well, i say that the media is made by the people who make the media and they tend to be leftist, liberals, they tend to be antibusiness, antireligious, antimilitary. and they grind out that message night and day and, yes, the audience has been more dispersed because of the internet. they are still getting a big heavy dose of antiestablishment, antibusiness, anti-conservative, anti-republic propaganda each and every day. >> bill: will it matter? will voters actually take that with them when they go to the polls? >> some will and some will not.
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i have a son who is 24. he has other friends who are 24. they believe every word jon handedness. there probably never will be. >> bill: do you agree. >> i do not. obviously not watching fox. >> bill: fox is a counter weight. we are one against, what, a hundred. >> no. i also disagree with this survey because the truth is there is 342 jokes about obama. the next one is -- it's anthony weiner, 227 goes to herman cain. >> bill: compilation of obama is a democrat and then they added up all the republicans and it was three to one.
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surely you know, linda. >> 600 people running for president. there is a lot of people to poke fun at. >> bill: someone watching television 18 hours a day as you are forced to do by "the new york post." compare george w. bush and the treatment he received from the comedians to barack obama. there is not even the same ballpark. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. when there is so many republicans running. >> bill: no, just bush against obama. >> okay, bush against obama. no, i disagree. bush was a target. obama is a target. anyone is a target who is in the cat bird seat. >> bill: you think this year, 2012, all right, that barack obama is going to get mocked at the same level that whoever runs against him -- >> -- absolutely. i promise. >> bill: do you want to bet me on that? >> dinner. it will happen. because once they decide on romney, then there is going to be an equal playing field. everybody is going to get trashed. >> it will never happen. >> the country's court
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gesture. >> we have to count. we have to watch. somebody is going to be doing this. >> it will never happen. stacy, with the greatest possible respect, it's never happened. hollywood is just a very anti-conservative, anti-republic playing field. the cool kids are all democrats and leftists, the few republicans and conservatives are left over in the corner of the playing field. all the guys writing jokes are liberals and leftists and they don't like republicans. >> bill: let me confront linda on this level. david letterman, liberal? >> yes. >> bill: wait. david letterman, liberal. jimmie fallon, liberal? >> i don't know. >> bill: just by -- you must know. i know all these guys. letterman, liberal, jimmie fallon, liberal? >> that doesn't mean they can't be -- >> bill: jay leno, fairly liberal, not an idealogue but leans that way. ferguson? he is another late night guy. very liberal.
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kimmel, very liberal. >> three? >> bill: stewart, liberal. >> right. >> bill: okay? colbert, you know, used to be colbert but now it's colbert. liberal. who is a conservative late night guy? >> but there is still 342 jokes about obama to 89 about mitt romney. >> bill: who is the conservative late night person? >> i don't think weather. >> bill: doesn't exist. >> i don't think they have to be conservative or liberal to make fun and there is three. >> bill: daytime tv. >> 342 jokes about obama. more jokes about obama than usama bin laden. >> bill: when you are president that's the way it's going to be. daytime, ellen, liberal, right? >> yes, clearly. >> anderson cooper? >> well,. >> bill: who is a conservative daytime host? >> if they didn't have the ratings they wouldn't be there.
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>> bill: ill think i just won that. >> you didn't. >> bill: still got that dinner. ben, keep it pithy. >> pithy is hollywood is a big leftist loud speaker for putting leftist propaganda out on the airwaves, it's not going to change. the ones about obama are affectionate. the ones about romney are mean. >> bill: new poll out of south carolina, president obama now says he wants to down size the federal government. also, later, the killer joran van der sloot sentenced in per would peru. geraldo on that upcoming. [ mal] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zo is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf.
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the sleep number bed. only at the sleep number store, where queen bed sets now start at just $899. >> bill: impact segment tonight, brand new poll rasmussen has it this way: also today president obama asked congress to grant him more authority to down size the government. he wants to combine some agencies which, of course, will eliminate jobs but save the u.s.a. 3 billion over 10 years. my question is isn't that the same thing bain capital did? down size companies to save money so venture capitalists can come in and buy them? joining us now from fort worth, texas, janine turner host of on klif radio and from los angeles leslie marshall fox news contributor. leslie, president obama could run bain, couldn't he run bain? now that he wants to down size? bain, we are down sizing. >> no. one is public. one is private.
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one is president of the united states. the other is a guy who made millions off of this down sizing. you know what in the stock holders aren't going to be left holding shares worth nothing with president obama. >> bill: to me it's the same. because here you have mitt romney at bain and they come in and see a company. they say, you know what? we are going to reorganize this company. we will lay off some people. we are going to approve this one and that one. invest a little of our own capital into the company's stronger positions and then we will sell it. we will sell it to somebody else who then will pay more and will make money and will put it in our pocket as you pointed out. president obama basically says to congress i want to down size just like mitt romney did. i want to down size. i'm combining a bunch of agencies together and, therefore, thousands of jobs will be lost. now, he is not lining his pocket. but he is lining his resume because he wants to be elected, reelected, and it's the same thing.
8:14 pm
down size to get better performance, leslie. >> i don't agree with the way it's done. first of all the jobs of the president would be lost overtime with attrition. secondly, the president. >> bill: no, it's lost jobs. no, that's bogus. come on, leslie. >> that's bogus? >> bill: take a job off the table, it doesn't exist anymore. so people can't work in that job. it doesn't matter whether it's by attrition or whether you come in with a chainsaw. the job disappears that's what romney did at bap. he made jobs disappear so companies could run more profitably. that's what romney is doing making jobs at the federal government disappear so the government can run more profitably because we owe 15 trillion. it's the same thing, leslie. >> i don't agree. >> bill: you don't agree? >> there is a huge difference if you are saying as the example the president gave a year ago i made a promise to do. this he has to do this. yes it's an election year. when you are saying we don't need two different agencies for sammon in fresh water
8:15 pm
versus sammon in salt water and he is not personally going to be benefiting and all his rich buddies and millions of dollars. >> bill: there are fewer jobs which is what they are accusing romney of. all right. janine, you go, what do you say. >> bill, i agree with you. there is a fundamental difference. romney was concerned about solvency and obama really isn't concerned about solvency in this country. this is a big p.r. campaign. this is like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. he is just merging these agencies there are more other creative ideas out there on the legislative branch like rand paul's. >> bill: he is going to save $3 billion by consolidating. it's a good start. i'm not going to run him down for trying to do that. no different than down sizing a private company. go ahead, janine. >> well, i agree with you there. there are better, more creative ideas. rand paul, in other words. >> bill: have you got to start somewhere. i'm sure there are better ideas. >> rand paul wants to
8:16 pm
eliminate four agencies. and the other aspect. >> bill: ron paul wants to eliminate all the agencies. we would have one agency. >> rand only wants to -- they also obama wants an up and down vote. the fact that he doesn't want to deal with the legislative process at all. it's his way or the highway. >> bill: just wants to show the people, obama does, now he is a warrior for eliminating the debt. it's politics, we know it if he is going to eliminate and consolidate that's good. you agree with me that it's the same, bain down sizing eliminating jobs. obama down sizing and eliminating jobs. how's come we can't convince leslie? house come? all the evidence says janine and i are correct. are you alan colmes? are you a kool-aid drinker? you won't cede the point no matter what? >> oh my god i do look like alan colmes? >> bill: there is only room
8:17 pm
for one. >> janine even said there is a fundamental difference. hey, bill, i'm wondering, where are the jobs going to be outsourced to from the u.s. government from these agencies? >> bill: they are not. they are going to disappear. the jobs are vaporized. they are gone. they won't exist. and that's what bain did. bain took jobs away from private industry. they didn't exist. they said there are too many people sitting around doing nothing. so we are going to eliminate them. newt gingrich and others pick it up on the commercial that people who got eliminated are sobbing. they are there are going to be sobbing people in the commerce department. my job is not there anymore. it's the same thing. >> not doing it for their own wealth. bain was not doing it for the reduction of the deficit. >> bill: doing it for his own political currency, leslie. >> he is doing it for his own political. >> bill: political currency, all right? it's all currency. >> exactly. >> bill: always a pleasure. always nice to you have both on together. we have brand new bill o' poll question. we are asking you will newt
8:18 pm
gingrich's attacks on mitt romney help or hurt the speaker in south carolina? all right. so we would like to you go to bill o' and vote in that poll. van der sloot getting sentenced and kardashian charity and mitt romney's mexican heritage. geraldo is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] when kelley blue book's gave the 2012 camry a best resale value award, we were delighted. ♪ when it received a 5-star overall safety ring, we were ecstatic. and when camry became the number-one selling car in america 10 years running, we blushed. ♪ the reinvented 2012 camry. from toyota. ♪
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>> fridays with geraldo segment tonight. joran van der sloot sentenced today for 28 years in prison for murdering yet another woman 21-year-old stephany flores. is he widely believed to have killed natalee holloway on the island of aruba. with us how is geraldo rivera. i'm hearing there is a parole system down there where he could get out and wouldn't have to serve the full 28.
8:22 pm
>> don't hold your breath. is he going down for the vast majority of the 28 year sentence. we have heard the last of joran van der sloot unless he dies in prison which i think is also entirely likely. >> bill: entirely likely? >> is he extremely unpopular person. he killed a young woman, stephany flores ramirez whose father is very popular, very powerful. he is going to a prison in the high andy's. it is a harsh place. it is totally fitting and appropriate that joran van der sloot who we believe killed natalee holloway now will see this as the rest of his fate. 52 years old when he gets out. justice has been delayed but not denied. >> bill: you believe he could be killed in prison? >> yes, it is very possible that he will be killed in prison. but even if he serves the majority of his term, when he gets out, if, indeed he survives the experience, which will be harsh and very bitter for him, he still faces the u.s. charges on the wiretap
8:23 pm
and extortion. so, don't look to joran van der sloot being -- >> bill: you and i have been in prisons in south america. i haven't been to peru but you have. >> i have from peru to mexico. >> bill: as bad as american prisons are and some of them are really bad here. they are country club meds compared to what is down there. >> there is know doubt about it. >> you have to have money to survive. have you got to pay the guards and pay the big goons, the killers who will stab you. not to do those things. all right? joran van der sloot doesn't have any money. >> he better find the latina bubba to take care of him. >> body guard to take care of him. >> husband. karma has caught up. >> what goes around has come around, absolutely. justice has finally arrived on the door of this smug, arrogant, hulking bruit ohio think physically strangled the life out of two women.
8:24 pm
>> bill: kim kardashian sells stuff on ebay. i don't go on ebay. i don't understand what that's all about. you can buy anything you want. >> the big story is the ebay charities. >> bill: that's what i want to talk to you about. she sells her personal items on ebay. and it's billed that she gives the money to charity. >> ebay giving works. >> bill: what charity gets it? >> i think the dream foundation. >> the dream foundation. but now reports it's only 10% of the money. >> well, ebay giving works allows celebrities to auction off their personal items and they can -- the giving works is the whole atmosphere, the whole feeling, the sensibility of that particular part of the huge ebay online action web site is these are compassionate celebrities. auction being off personal items and the implication is that the proceeds are going to charities. but if you look at the very
8:25 pm
bottom of the offering on ebay giving works. it gives you the percentage of the gross proceeds that the charity will be receiving, that the beneficiary will be receiving. kim kardashian is a 10%er which means that $100, very hundred dollars you bid for her used socks only $10 goes to the charity. she gets it both ways. she gets the praise. >> bill: publicity. enough mope to afford whatever she wants to buy. >> only 10% goes there i must say in fairness to kim kardashians and i loathe the kardashians and i hope what goes around will come around for them as far as the tacky programs and fraudulent weddings and ratings are going down and the rest of it at least she is giving something. give her credit. she is giving something and rather give something than nothing. >> bill o' me, 100%. >> i also say. >> bill: i give to your charity. >> we often clash.
8:26 pm
you are one of the most generous colleagues i have ever had. you never even asked for a receipt to deduct for your taxes. >> bill: we are in business to do that here. who knew mitt romney is a mexican? i thought i saw him. >> romney mexico. >> i saw him at a taco bell but i didn't think he was mexican. >> you know what is really astonishing. >> bill: tell the audience how this came about real fast. >> mitt romney's father and grandfather both born in mexico. mitt romney under mexican law could have dual citizenship. what happened? miles park romney his great grandfather has four wives. he has to flee utah, which utah wants to be a state. they outlaw polygamy. miles park romney goes to mexico with his four wives. he marries a fifth wife there. >> bill: he had a lot of energy. >> he was very busy there. one of his sons then returns, one of the sons of one of the wives returns to the united
8:27 pm
states in 1912 with george romney, george romney would letter become the governor of michigan. ran for president. he ran american motors, one of the great politicians ever. if mitt romney turns out like his father george we will all be blessed. george romney was great. the fact of the matter is mitt romney in 2007 to 2008, 2011 to 2012, thousands of campaign appearances, the most virulent anti-illegal immigration person ever never once mentions that his father was born in mexico and his grandfather is born in mexico. he is a hypocrite. >> bill: now we go off the rails. >> how do you talk about illegal immigration of mexicans and you don't say. >> bill: look, my people are are from ireland and i don't like what the ira did. >> i hear you are from ireland all the time. your people are from ireland all the time. how you can talk about all these mexicans and never mention that your father is one of them and your grandfather is one of them. >> bill: you always get
8:28 pm
hysterical. >> i will tell you i'm not hysterical. who knew? don't you wish he had mentioned it once or twice? >> bill: okay. >> i understand these mexican immigrants because my father was one. >> bill: you are puerto rico >> congress and the president poised to raise the debt another $1.2 trillion. is that all? lou dobbs with the story. lady gaga versus madonna, could be a cat fight coming on. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. the faces on the . take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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and should not be used more than twice a day people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> bill: personal story segment tonight, as we reported last night, first lady michelle obama is the subject of a new book along with her husband. in said book first lady is portrayed as somewhat controversial. mrs. obama answered that on cbs. >> i guess it's more interesting to imagine this conflicted sittion here and a strong woman and, you know, but that's been an image that people have tried to paint of
8:32 pm
me since, you know, the day barack announced that i'm some angry black woman. >> bill: with us now faith jenkins now an attorney. what do you think michelle obama is disturbed by? what is bothering her about this latest round off this book? >> i think she is disturbed by the angry black woman description. >> bill: she brought that up. i hadn't seen that anywhere else. mrs. obama was the one that brought that up. it isn't in the book. >> well, she brought up the actual phrase angry black woman. >> bill: right. >> because that's a way she has been portrayed by a lot of people in the media. >> bill: by who? >> a lot of high profile people in the media early 2008. >> the months leading up to the presidential election, there were several high profile individuals that used certain words to describe michelle obama tended to implicate that she was a part of the stereotype of an angry black woman. they called her style black militant. they said she was bitter and
8:33 pm
angry. she seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. >> bill: you see all this as code for a cliche? >> yes. cliche. >> bill: are you angry? are you an angry woman? >> bill,. >> bill: i just want to -- are you angry. >> i get angry. there are times where i get angry. >> bill: generally speaking, look? >> generally speaking, no. >> bill: you were raised in the south. you accomplished a lot. it couldn't have been easy for you. >> no. >> bill: sometimes a struggle imbitters people. harry belafonte is a good example of that in my opinion. but you wouldn't say that you were in that category. >> i would say most black women are in that category. >> bill: i would agree. >> people want to put us in that category. >> bill: i don't know who those people are. oprah winfrey, the biggest? >> according to call thomas she is the only non-angry black woman on television. >> bill: we would agree that oprah winfrey is not an angry black woman. >> we would agree with that.
8:34 pm
>> bill: queen latifah, big big star, i don't think she is an angry black woman do you. >> no, i don't. >> bill: you have oprah and queen latifah. i went through my mind today and said who is now representing the angry black women of the world in the media? and i couldn't come up with anybody. >> bill, can i tell you what happens. it is a stigma. it's not just a woman who represents that. it is a stigma. a stigma that attaches to women in leadership positions when they are told you are being too outspoken. strength does not mean anger. >> bill: about color or all women get that? >> all women, any woman can be described as angry but the stigma somehow attaches to black women when they are people in positions of power, in leadership and when they show strength or passion or speak out on the issues that is important to them a lot of people -- >> bill: i respect the fact that you came in here very much. condoleezza rice. condoleezza rice she wasn't angry. >> no she wasn't angry.
8:35 pm
>> bill: she was a huge role model. >> see, you have not walked a mile in my shoes. >> bill: that's why i asked you. >> or other black women's shoes. 2007 essex magazine conducted a poll and they asked black women how do you think you are portrayed in the media over 77 percent said they think we are portrayed negatively in the media high profile critics of michelle obama tried to paint a picture of her as being angry, bitter, militant, they wanted people to say she is an angry black woman. what does that mean? it devalues who she is and devalues her credibility. >> bill: do you think it's the same now as it was in 2008 or has she gotten past that? >> i think in 2008 it was crucial because her image was being developed prior to the presidential election. >> bill: how about now? 2012? i don't see it anymore. she is widely accepted and the polls say people like her. >> some people like her. i think you like her. >> bill: he is in the 60's, approval. that's a big number. >> if you go and look at a lot of people who talk about her
8:36 pm
in the blogs. >> bill: you know the blogs. look how they talk about me. >> how many people now use that as a way to describe her. and i think it started in 2008. >> bill: i think it's more political than racial. i really do. but i could be wrong. i really appreciate you coming on here. good debate. lou dobbs on a big increase in the national debt. and a navy seal says he punched out jesse ventura. he says it's not true. we will report it so you cant decide after these messages. preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. increase of the debt ceiling by the end of this year national debt my stand at more than $16 trillion more than the entire gross national product. since taking office president obama has increased the debt by 43% from 10.6 trillion to
8:40 pm
15.2. kind of astounding. here to analyze fox business anchor lou dobbs. i don't want to beat up on president obama because that's just partisan stuff and we don't want to do that. but what i don't understand is, it doesn't seem to resonate with the american people that we are -- this is a catastrophe. it is a catastrophe to owe this kind of money and it doesn't seem to be any urgency in washington to fix it amend the voters aren't running around demanding it be fixed. they are going to up it to 1.2. it's going to happen. nobody is going to stand in his way. >> part of the deal from last summer, bill as you know. this is the third trawnch, amazing. $400 billion. then 900 billion this fall and now 1.2 trillion. we're headed toward $16.5 trillion. no one. >> bill: in debt. >> in debt. >> bill: people say that's not real money. they don't believe it's real money. we are paying -- we the united states of america $10 billion a day in interest. in interest to the chinese investors and everybody else
8:41 pm
that has lent us money. >> president obama himself, bill, in 2008 said, you know, this is like taking a bank of china credit card and continuing to run it up. that's who is giving us the money. our children are going to pay for it. it's utter madness. this gets by the way through the election so they won't have to have this discussion about debt again. >> bill: is there any excuse for president obama allowing the debt to rise 43%? because they will say if we didn't do all the stimulus, the car companies would have collapsed, the banks would have collapsed, it would have been 1929 all over again. we had to do it. and that's why the debt went up so much and you say? >> and i say the war in iraq has ended. there should be a peace dividend as a result. those savings should really be be applied to the national debt. we're talking upwards over the course of the next five years a trillion dollars that should be applied directly to that debt. neither party is talking about the peace dividend and what they are going to do with it.
8:42 pm
and this administration should be talking seriously about con strange government. reducing the size of government. and what we're spending. >> bill: we just had earlier that the president is going to consolidate, you know. and then i said the same bain capital and leslie marshall went crazy. i think it is. am i being fallacious? do you like that? >> i do like that word. >> bill: most americans this isn't at the top of their mind. they think it's monopoly money and it doesn't matter. >> i think most americans expect their elites and those they elect to office to take care of things. >> bill: but they are not. >> they are not and haven't for 30 years. >> bill: some day we are going to wake up and it's going to be a catastrophe. you know it's going to happen on the san andreas fault. just don't know when. >> i know it's popular for the president and democrats to talk about creating jobs. they haven't. not net jobs.
8:43 pm
11.6 million jobs have been lost since he he took office. and. >> bill: but that's bush's fault because he let the economy go over the cliff. the causal relationship and all that. >> bottom line is president obama, really his administration has not created any jobs. >> not net. it's not a wash. it's net. 1.6. by the way. in addition to 1.6 million. worth points out, 800,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost during that same period. high paying middle class jobs. >> bill: that's among the 1.6 million that van been lost. overseas and all of that. finally the equal opportunity commission says now if you don't have a high school diploma you might be able to get stuff under the disabilities act because you have a disability because you are dopey. >> right. there is a great misunderstanding here. reports came out on this. talking with the ada at the eeoc, the equal opportunity employment commission they said look, we didn't mean to
8:44 pm
make this a law. it's not a law or a policy. it was just a response to an inquiry. i went through the letter that they wrote in this inquiry, i can assure you that anyone with a learning disability wouldn't have had the slightest idea of what they were trying to do in bureaucratese and legalese. i could barely get through the first paragraph. >> bill: it isn't a law. >> employment attorneys are saying this is scary because they are thinking about making it difficult to say you have got to have a high school degree. >> bill: if you say that, you could get in trouble. >> i know. i'm trying to be very careful. >> bill: don't need educational credentials for anything. thank god. dumbest things of the week on deck. right back with dumb. in a sauce made with vine-ripened tomatoes. and no preservatives.
8:45 pm
80 years of real great food from a real great chef.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week. here they are, two brilliant people arthel neville and five guy greg gutfeld also does red eye in the middle of the night sometimes. arthel has chosen 18-year-old colorado senior at durango high school sydney spice who wants very unusual yearbook picture. >> i really honestly think that it describes who i am. people can take it however they want but i'm an outgoing person and i think i really do think it's artistic. >> bill: hard to argue with that logic. >> bill: this is a picture she wants in the yearbook with all her activities underneath. sports, volleyball and cheerleading. >> put it up there. i think this is dumb. are you kidding me? this is not appropriate for a yearbook photo. i'm sorry. act right. dress appropriately for the
8:49 pm
yearbook. this is in this isn't the first admission. >> bill: first one is better than the second one. do you know why it's really dumb. >> it's smart because in the one on the left what she is doing is instructional. showing students how to go up a flight of stairs. >> bill: do you know why it's really dumb because durango is freezing cold. that's a ski place. >> i wore the same thing in my yearbook and there were no complaints. >> that picture is going to make it in the yearbook after all as an ad at the back of the book. she gets to pay $300. >> bill: usual picture looking clueless like this. >> no clueless picture. only that as a ad back of the yearbook. >> bill: activities blank? >> no activities. >> she is an american hero. >> bill: gutfeld has selected political ad by newt gingrich in an attack against mitt romney, go. >> romney opposed the contract with america. raised taxes and authored government mandated health care with taxpayer funded
8:50 pm
abortions but now he tells us trust me, i'm a conservative. massachusetts moderate mitt romney, he will say anything to win. anything. and just like john kerry. [speaking french] >> he speaks french too. >> bill: how you can possibly vote for him he speaks french. >> not a great strategy to make fun of someone because they are smart. here is the big problem newt gingrich also speaks french. he spent two years in france because his dad -- pot calling the kettle french. >> bill: you have uncovered, you greg gutfeld. >> i don't uncover anything. i'm far too lazy i read it somewhere. learned enough french to get by. >> bill: now south carolinians can't vote for romney or gingrich because they both know a few french words. >> french are evil people. >> if you say grey poupon new
8:51 pm
book american sniper chris kyle navy seal sniper. he is on the program. on the program he related a story where he punched out jesse ventura, go. you say you knocked jessie ventura to the floor with a punch. you don't mention his name but everybody knows who that is. number one that happened? you knocked him out? >> i knocked him down. >> i just want to tell you unegivably this event did not happen and i can't speak to anything else that this person would say because i don't know him. to my knowledge i have never ever even met him. >> bill: okay. who do you believe? >> bill: we investigated, there are two eyewitnesses, two seals, andrew paul who said you could use my name. he said that kyle knocked him down and another seal who is on active duty didn't want his name used he said this is true
8:52 pm
because ventura said bad things about the navy seals that kyle knocked him down. now, both of these men are friends with kyle. but i tend to believe kyle is telling the truth. i think he is. >> yeah, you know what i love about this is that ventura is a truther. he always expects people like us to convince him that 9/11 didn't happen. now the shoe is on the other foot. he has to convince us that that didn't happen. >> bill: you say? >> i say that i tend to believe the navy seal in this story. >> bill: i do. >> if mr. ventura is antiwar that is his prerogative. you can't go popping off at the mouth to iraqi vets. >> bill: we are not justifying anything that happened we just want to know what happened. andrew paul active navy seals in the reserves says look you can use my name on the factor, i was there. i saw it and then we have got to go with that. dumbest things of the week. thanks very much. we appreciate it pinheads and patriots on deck. lady gaga versus madonna.
8:53 pm
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hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment, but first, factor business, on february 3rd the friday night, i'll be appearing in north carolina at dur ham center of performing arts. we're going to be talking about presidential election. will the be a finish night. and middletown new york, bill...
8:56 pm
>> bill: you got listen up. they positive more trade me. that was false. we didn't know her. i did my job. did i my job and asked those questions. >> bill: she is the first lady of the united states, it's appropriate news subject.
8:57 pm
>> bill: as former teacher i disagree. we all make mistakes, if you have ur chins armed with cellphones to record all mistakes, chaos ensues. you can't teach. >> bill: his kid and other teams had a booze party in the basement. i'm with you, jim. you have to police those team parties. >> bill: okay, but that leaves out the negligence aspect, andy.
8:58 pm
>> bill: they can't stop the movement. soon. >> bill: now, you are very welcome jason and you are patriot. we work with operation shoe box in florida. we hope everybody checks out that fine charity. pinheads and patriots, there is a rivalry between lady gaga and madonna over two hit songs. >> lady gaga has admitted to be influenced by madonna but when born this way sounded a little similar to express yourself. some wondered if influence was playing out copying?
8:59 pm
>> it feels reductive. look it up. >> she looks like a delightful woman. it means crude. madonna might be a pinhead. i think we all know what it means. look it up. that is it for us tonight. please check out our website which is different from than we like to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. we can't reach you in laos. any time, word of the day, no procasity. it's a good time say. if you are, make the headline the first sentence. thousands of e-mails. wedo


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